Corrective Action Plans & Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are created and conducted to assess site-specific risk and liability exposures based on objective criteria and comprehensive specifications. The results from a risk assessment can then be incorporated into the organization’s safety management system in the form of identifying and eliminating risks, as well as developing operational risk mitigation strategies. 

Corrective Action Plans

Assistance is provided to hospitals, health regions, and heliport operators who have undergone an audit or inspections of their heliport(s) by Transport Canada. Interpretations of Transport Canada’s audit findings are provided and a corrective action plan developed in a format acceptable to Transport Canada. The Heliport Manager training course assists in preventative maintenance by making the Heliport Manager aware of the appropriate adjustments or changes before Transport Canada arrives to conduct an audit. Where corrective action measures require significant improvements, detail design and specification are provided to insure that the completion of the work is in accordance with Transport Canada standards and regulations. 

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