Regulatory Compliance Audits

A Heliport Safety Audit and Inspection performed by GroundEffect is similar in content and purpose to a Program Validation Inspection (PVI) performed by Transport Canada.  A Heliport Safety Audit and Inspection verifies that the certified heliport is in compliance, and has the systems in place to ensure ongoing compliance with the regulatory requirements. The heliport manager is required to comply with these regulatory requirements on an ongoing basis.

Heliport managers have typically relied on the Transport Canada PVI to give them notice and direction regarding items of non-compliance associated with their heliport. In recent years, Transport Canada has reduced both the frequency and detail of their PVI inspection of heliports due to funding cuts and increases in inspector workloads. An independent outside audit and inspection performed by GroundEffect will help to fill the void of regular Transport Canada’s PVI.

If it has been some time since Transport Canada has completed a PVI of your heliport, a Heliport Safety Audit and Inspection performed by GroundEffect will provide assurance in regard to regulatory compliance of your facility. Should the Safety Audit and Inspection identify areas of non-compliance, our knowledgeable staff can assist with a corrective action plan and potential solutions to bring your heliport into compliance. 

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