GroundEffect Aerodrome Consulting Ltd. is a company formed by David G. Brown and Keith A. Walker for the purpose of serving clients in the management of existing airports and heliports in addition to other services related to heliport and airport airspace design requirements. Together David and Keith have decades of combined aviation experience.

The name of the company refers to a condition of improved flight performance where an airplane or helicopter operates near the ground. It is due to the interference of the surface with the airflow pattern of the wing or rotor system, and it is more pronounced as the aircraft approaches the ground. The positive image of improved flight performance associated with a ground condition of an airport or heliport fits with what GroundEffect Aerodrome Consulting wishes to portray regarding the services we provide.

Our Team


David Brown

David is an Aviation Specialist with more than 30 years’ experience in engineering technical design. He provides planning and technical expertise to aviation projects throughout Canada. David has experience in airport and heliport planning, design, construction and aerodrome zoning documents. His project experience includes the planning, design and construction of more than 100 heliports across Canada with the focus on helicopter air ambulance facilities at hospitals, in addition to the creation of heliport and airport operations manuals. He has also prepared federal zoning documents for the protection of airport flight paths. David has worked on airport redevelopment and infrastructure improvements. He has experience in aircraft hangar design and aircraft repair overhaul maintenance facilities.



Keith Walker
Aviation Planner, Technical Writer

Keith's diverse work experience in the fields of manufacturing, safety and aviation enable him to appropriately apply his skills to a wide range of projects. Keith has an excellent relationship and works closely with the Regional Inspectors with Transport Canada. Keith's attention to exacting quality, care and attention to detail and communication allows him to exceed client needs and expectations.



Dean Zimmer
Regulatory Advisor

Dean began his career with Canadian Armed Forces in 1974 and remained with them until December 1976 as a firefighter. Dean then moved to Transport Canada as a firefighter at Edmonton International and remained there until 1979; after which he moved to Ft. St. John for a promotion to Shift Officer and then to Ft. Nelson in 1980. Shortly thereafter, Dean became Fire Chief. Dean worked at numerous TC sites and assisted Regional Office in Fire Training Courses. In 1995, Dean moved to Canada Place and started with Aerodromes and Airspace as an Inspector. In 2000, Dean was promoted to Superintendent Aerodromes and Airspace. With more than 19 years’ experience with Transport Canada, Dean was responsible for 62 certified airports and approximately 100 certified heliports in the prairie and northern regions.


Orlanda Brown
Executive Administrator

Orlanda has a background in education that compliments her responsibilities as Executive Administrator with GroundEffect. Orlanda is an administrative professional who provides clerical, operational and personal support to GroundEffect staff.  Among her many administrative tasks she manages the firm’s payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivables.  One of her roles is also to conduct document reviews. 



Red Deer, AB: 403.318.4275       Grand Forks, BC: 250.442.2744