Aeronautical Surveys

GroundEffect assists both airport and heliport operators with the preparation, execution, and analysis of obstacle surveys. Airport surveys can be scaled to include as much detail as needed to complete your project, whether you are considering infrastructure improvements, validating equipment locations for compliance, or verifying Obstacle Limitation Surfaces. Heliports are unique in their survey requirements. Anyone with an H1 flightpath will know that the requirements for survey are very precise. We know exactly what’s needed and how to translate that knowledge into useable information for survey teams. We eliminate the errors that come from common misinterpretations.

After confirming the airport or heliport airspace and infrastructure, GroundEffect prepares a Terms of Reference for the survey requirements. Execution of the survey is completed on a competitive basis by local surveyors. The survey results are reviewed and we can provide you with a full analysis of the data as it applies to your project.

Surveys can be completed by traditional survey ground methods or using airborne technologies. We can discuss both options with you based on the capabilities of local surveyors and your requirements. 3D laser mapping using high precision equipment produces high quality results and for existing airports and heliports the data capture is often less intrusive than a traditional land survey, mitigating conflicts with operations.

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